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Bubbles pendant silver

Bubbles pendant silver

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This jewellery design is inspired by the Greek beauty of the Mediterranean sea with its sandy beaches. The Bubbles collection of NORIDU jewelry is designed to represent the foam of bubbles created when the wave hits the rocky shore. 

The unique jewelry design by NORIDU jewelry, is created when dropping hot metal, allowing it to form on its own whilst cooling down to room temperature. From a Greek jewellery designer aiming to bring a piece of summer in your jewellery box. The unique jewelry design of this beautiful pendant is created when dropping hot metal, allowing it to form on its own whilst cooling down to room temperature.

All our jewelry are handmade in Greece in 925 silver.

Care Instructions

All NORIDU jewelry are handmade in 925 silver.

As all silver jewelry, the pieces may tarnish over time.

Our gold plated jewelry (rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings) are also made from sterling silver 925, the gold plated being between one or two microns.

Our only non-silver jewelry in our product lines are the Volcanoes cuff-bracelet and Volcanoes large ring, which are made out of Bronze.

To ensure the gold plated does not damage, do not expose the jewelry to water, perfumes, alcohol or any other substances. If exposed to any of the above the gold plated jewellery will tarnish and lose their colour.

If you would like to have the jewellery in a different material than the one showcased on the website, please contact us at

Customer Reviews

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Caroline Van Der Wagt

Received the Earring and ring from the bubbles collection. Absolutely love it! Now ordening the bracelet to complete the look! Thanks Noridu.

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